When I started the 1K1Day journey, I was lost. I didn’t know if I had anything to offer the world (or that I could get paid for.) But with Nicole’s guidance, I realized there is a world of opportunities waiting for us to get out of our own way and Show Up! My journey continued when I was invited into Yacht Club and as I reflect on the mass CLARITY I have experienced over the past several months, I realize the scared step I made to join 1K1Day because of the ‘what if…’ thoughts, led me to this moment. I am so grateful to Nicole and this community for showing me what’s possible. The abundant clarity I have received while being connected to all of you is beyond words.

Jessie R.

I joined Yacht Club and logged into the portal to “look around”. Yeah…okay. I watched two videos while hitting pause & play as I implemented the strategies. This is GOLD🙌🏾🙌🏾. I’ve invested 4 figures working with other experts who were great in their respective fields, but no one put all the pieces together like this. It was refreshing to see someone else talking to their community the way I talk to mine.

Sonja T.