Your business – your purpose – is ready.

Next Steps:

  • Join us on the New Member Orientation call this upcoming TODO. You can register in advance for the call here.
  • Following our New Member Orientation call, you will receive Yacht Club Embarkation emails with the following information:
    • Portal Login Credentials
    • Secret Facebook Group Invite
    • New Member Orientation Replay
    • New Member Checklist
  • Send up a flare:
    • If you are unable to locate our emails by Friday, TODO (check spam and your promotion folders), send us an email at [email protected] and our Customer Support team will get you squared away as soon as possible.

Because we are so excited to get you into the secret Yacht Club Facebook group and can’t wait to introduce you to your inner circle of richfriends, go ahead and fill out the 3 quick pieces of info below.

Again, after the Orientation Call, we’ll send you an invite to the secret Facebook group, and you can introduce yourself to our Yacht Club community!

This Yacht Club Onboarding process is different from $1K1Day as your access is super exclusive. On Wednesday, TODO, keep your eyes open for the Yacht Club 2.0 invite from Facebook (from Jan or Candace!)– If Jan Smith or Candace Johnson sends you a friend request, please accept the invitation so they can get you added.

Can’t wait to see you on the New Member Orientation Call!

    Remember, you are joining this community to get help and support with your business – so post in the Facebook group, assist and support your fellow Richfriends, utilize the training in the portal, and above all else… get ready to DO THE WORK!